Final Fantasy Xiii Combat Walkthrough- Guide 06: Eidolons.

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Every final fantasy game has its summons and in XIII, this illustrious role is fulfilled by the eidolons! Let’s take a quick look at them, and how its best to use them in combat.

Collecting Eidolons

You get Eidolons by defeating them in Combat. Check out the Eidolon combat guide for more information on this. These fights are scripted parts of the story in Final Fantasy XIII, so there’s no way to get these summons early, or to miss them.

Summoning The Eidolon

Eidolons can be summoned in combat once you have obtained them. Simply go to techniques, and select summon. Bringing Eidolons onto the field costs you Tactical Points (TP) though, so think before you do it.

Combat With Eidolons.

Once summoned, the Eidolon will replace the rest of your party leaving you with only it and the summoner. Eidolons have a special variant of HP called SP, which depletes when they take damage and also over time. When their SP reaches zero, Eidolons are dismissed. The Eidolon can’t be controlled directly, but will wonder around causing havoc! Keep fighting with your character as you normally would, and you should find that the Eidolons cause significant damage. As the battle wears on, you should be able to build up the gestalt gauge by building chains and pandering the Eidolons whims (you’ll be made aware of these in the fight where you first capture the Eidolon). Once the Eidolons SP is nearly depeted, hit X/Square to enter Gestalt mode.

The higher you can get the gestalt gauge in combat, the more dangerous the final gestlat mode will be. The best way to do this is ot build the enemy’s chian gauge by using your character as a ravager. If you can’t do this, just do whatever you can to build the chain gauge of your enemies. Remember, it’s about how often you put bars on there- not how high you get them. This is why the ravager works so well.

Finishing up with Gestalt Mode.

This is the end of the Eidolon combat sequence and plays a lot like Zell’s limit breaks from Final Fantasy VIII. Simply input the button combos on the bottom right of the screen. Each has a certain points cost, and the number of points you have left is listed on the clock which ticks down when you are not executing a move. Moves have different effects, some work better on single enemies, some do great damage to a group. You’ll need to experiment with each one to see what it does. If in doubt though, just execute any attack as if the timer runs flat, you’ll have wasted an opportunity.

The bottom move is a finisher which inflicts massive damage (and should have a familiar sounding name!), but will end the sequence, even if you have left over combat points!

So that’s how to use Final Fantasy XIII’s Summon, the Eidolons. Take some practise, and you’ll have it in no time!

Here’s some help for each individual Eidolon:



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