High Heel Remedies

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High Heel Remedies:

As women we often wear high heels for almost any occasions at work, at a restaurant or at a gala or party, but the higher the heel the more pain you get just after fifteen minutes. It is common knowledge that in the long run high heels can cause serious damages but here are tips to wearing high heels without giving them up, you can follow one or two steps or all of them, and it will help with your feet health.

First step is to wear a shorter heel as a two or three inch heel can cause less problems than a five inch and a thin stiletto short heel can still give the elongated appearance.

Next save the use of high heels for events that you do not have to stand up for a long period of time like a dinner and try not to use them in the house while doing your every day chores.

Try wearing a larger size and insert heel cups on the back for a more comfortable fit.

Fourth wear open toe shoes as they cause less discomfort to your toes, and partially open toe shoes may be acceptable at your workplace too, just check with your office dress code.

The last step is to take your designer shoes (you do not have to take all of your collection) to a podiatrist to have them custom fitted to your feet, maybe they can stretch the toe area to a better fit.


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