How Moms Can Get the Support They Need

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Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were part of an amazing team – a dream team – that supported and encouraged you every step of the way? Whether that was in the great way you’re dealing with a personal challenge; giving you ideas to help manage a tough situation at work; encouraging you in those days when it just feels like you’re running on empty…

The world operates like a mutual support network. Anytime we help someone better themselves or give them a helping hand, we have, if only for a moment, joined their team.

Similarly, anytime someone supports us, be it by helping to provide the food we eat, the information we need, or the practical or emotional help we need on a daily basis, they are, in those moments, on our team. However independent we might think we are, we simply cannot be successful, balanced and energized if we try to do it all ourselves. We’re not made to be Supermom!

So if doing it all ourselves isn’t a real option, how do we go about getting onto a dream team that helps us do what we need to do? Glad you asked!

Think about what you need in your life to feel supported, encouraged, moving forward and create “roles” for those different areas – e.g. Coach, Mentor, Cheerleader/Motivator, Teacher/Trainer, Financial Advisor, Lawyer, Pastor, Accountant, Babysitter, etc.

One you’ve done that, answer these two questions:

• How many of these roles are – or could be – filled by people who are already in your life? (Partner, family, friends, work colleagues, etc.)

• Who would you choose to be the “missing” players on your ideal dream team?

By the way – many of the people who have helped me most in my life I’ve never met – be they authors, speakers, or role-models I’ve learned from. And that’s the same for you – some of your missing roles could be filled by people who inspire and educate you, be it in person or through their books, articles, DVD’s, etc.

And remember – teamwork is a two way thing. By contributing your success stories, encouragement and ideas to someone else who is being challenged, it’s so rewarding!

When I think of my Successful Working Mom’s dream team I have a vision of a diverse group of women all holding hands. Some are in front, reaching down and pulling others up, through their wisdom, advice, experience and support. Others are holding hands and looking up, keen to grab hold of that support and encouragement. In each of these relationships it’s give and take on both sides. At one stage in your life you may be doing a lot of leaning and at other times you may need to be the shoulder for someone else. It’s all about creating a winning team that vitalizes each other so that you can enjoy contentment and personal success in your life as a busy mom.

And best of all? Being part of a dream team takes you from dreaming about success to actually experiencing it! So get recruiting!


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