Final Fantasy XIII Palumpolum boss guide- Havoc sky tank.

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At first this can seem to be a very daunting boss fight, and to be fair it’s one of the harder ones In Final Fantasy XIII up to this point. The trick is to target the sky tank’s subsystems. It has four of these, two hull and two turrets. The turrets keep a steady rain of bullets on you, constantly doing a little damage throughout the entire boss fight. The hulls launch missiles, this attack is infrequent but hits quite hard.

But to start with, jump into the protection paradigm. If you don’t have it, use any paradigm that will help you get your buffs up- shell and protect on all party members. Protection is the best as it will also keep your party healed and defended from the sky tank boss.

Once the buffs are up and you’re healed, jump into relentless assault and start hammering away at one of the turrets. When you start losing health, switch to solidarity mode to keep the chain gauge up while you health your party. Keep trying to switch back to relentless assault wherever you can, as this well let you rack up damage on Havoc Sky tank’s turret.

Problem is that the Boss has such a high damage output, you won’t be able to stay in this paradigm for long. Don’t worry though, switch back to solidarity when you need serious healing, and use diversity if you only need a little (Diversity help keep your DPS high against the boss). Diversity, incidentally, is one of the most useful paradigms in Final Fantasy XIII as it allows you to keep up DPS while healing.

Once the Sky tank has lost its first turret, things start to get easier. Repeat the procedure for the second turret, and then get to work on the hulls. Each time you destroy one of the havoc sky tank’s subsystems, the battle gets a little easier as you can spend more time in full offensive paradigms.

Once all subsystems are down, attack the main body of the tank to finish it off. Don’t worry about the boss’ main gun, so long as you have protect in place it will cause minimal damage. Switch to diversity if you need to heal. What’s a final fantasy game without at least one boss you need to pick apart eh?

Anyway, another boss down, another step closer to completing Final Fantasy XIII!

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