Divorce-proof Your Marriage – For Ladies Only part 1

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Husbands. Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em. If this is your sentiment, I urge you to try the below listed steps. As the tender, soft and physically weaker side of the marriage, you are supposed to be having a ball! Your Creator has gifted you with such wonderful attributes and realizing their potential can completely revamp your self-worth and your marriage. Totally immerse yourself in the beauty of femininity. Your husband married you; so, take full advantage of such a coveted position.

  1. Remember your Creator early every morning. Spend time with Him like you would your best girlfriend. Share with Him the same things you share with your friends. Don’t forget to open His Word to get your comfort, encouragement and strength for the day. As your husband’s wife and queen, you will need this time alone with your Creator; do not neglect it for any reason. Personally speaking, spending time with my Creator has been responsible for my no longer harried lifestyle. This time helps to order you and He will alert you when you have accepted enough responsibilities for the day. (See Proverbs 31:15)
  2. You – Figure out who you are. What do you want for yourself, your husband and both of you? What do you like and dislike about yourself and various situations in your life? With what are you satisfied or dissatisfied? Negative stressors can prove to be a woman’s undoing. Identifying the stressors and how you wish to resolve them, following through and resolving them will positively impact how you implement the remaining steps.
  3. Make and TAKE time for yourself. This step is not to be combined with Step 1. Most wives have plenty of time for everyone and everything. The sooner you implement this step the better. Make a date with and for yourself, at least every six weeks, for professional hair care. If you do your own hair maintenance, allow a professional to do the relaxer or perm and cutting. Use quality products on your hair. Fabulously scented hair products are wonderful or may need to be unscented so they do not clash with your perfume or favorite fragrance.

  4. Make and TAKE time for yourself, again. Every Thursday night, without fail, have “your time.” If you have children, this is their date night with their father. You stay home and relax. Take a long soak in the tub. Pay close attention to your nails, elbow, soles of your feet, and eyebrows. This is an excellent time to exfoliate, not only your face, but your whole body. If you husband and children balk at this arrangement, kindly and calmly insist! Remember, for you to consistently nurture them you must regularly attend to yourself. Besides, it is better that they enjoy their father by choice rather than under duress should you fall sick from overwork and exhaustion. You will need a good two hours to accomplish this step, so if necessary, send them off with a picnic dinner and bid them happy adventures. An added benefit is this “alone time” with good ‘ol Dad will allow him time to get to know his progeny and identify any character adjustments he can help affect. 


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