Final Fantasy XIII Palumpolum boss guide- Ushumgal Subjugator

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This battle can be a little hairy as the Ushumgal Subjugator can dish out some serious DPS if you’re not careful. It doesn’t help that Hope’s HP is also very poor, so be certain that everyone’s HP is always above half. Begin by setting up your buffs to help take some of the sting out of the Ushumgal Subjugator’s attacks, and then switch to slash and burnt to start hurting it.

Keep up the slash and burn tactic, switching to war and peace when you’ve taken some damage, or lifeguard if the boss has someone seriously crippled. Once you’re all healed, back to slash and burn.

You can try to use dual casting once the boss’ chain gauge is about half full to stagger it right away, this will help you five star the boss, but can also be risky if you don’t manage it as the chain gauge will crash out again.

The Ushumgal Subjugator has a very nasty attack called tail hammer, which can hit both Hope and Snow if you’re not careful. You’ll probably need to switch to a healing paradigm right away after Ushumgal Subjugator uses it, or if he’s staggered, start spamming potions.

Finally, this boss has an overdrive mode which gives him a buff to attack, but a penalty to defence. Attacking while he is in overdrive is very risky though as while you can seriously rack up the damage, if he uses the tail hammer, you’ll be hurting. It’s worth a shot though if you have everyone near enough full health- especially if you can dual cast while Ushumgal Subjugatoris staggered and in overdrive.

Finally, a point to remember is that this boss will follow with a napalm almost immediately after using tail hammer while in overdrive. This can almost one shot Hope if he’s not protected and healed up.

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