Final Fantasy XIII Sunleth waterscape boss guide- Enki and Enlil

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The first (Only?) Dual boss battle in Final Fantasy XIII. This fight starts out quite hard, gets harder, but then finished nice and easy once you kill off one of your foes. To begin with, launch into Tide Turner and inflict all your debuffs on one of the targets. It also pays to poison the other one. While you’re doing this, make sure you also have you defensive buffs in place too.

You need to begin by focusing all your firepower on one of the monsters. Which one makes no difference, just make sure that it’s debuffed (De protect, de shell) so that you can inflict strong damage on it. Use slash and burn to work either Enki or Enlil’s chain gauge upwards, then once it’s about 50% full, switch to dual casting to drive it up the rest of the way. Be sure to be ready to move back to slash and burn though in case you don’t quite manage to get there, or you’ll need to start again!

Once either Enlil or Enki is staggered, you can begin inflicting much more damage on the boss. Keep to dualcasting to keep the DPS high, and use potions to heal to save you wasting time in other paradigms.

Once you’ve worn either of them down, they will use bellow. This gives them a pile of status enhancements, and makes the boss fight much harder. Just stick to what you’ve been doing, and jump back to healing paradigms as necessary. Keep it up and eventually you will wear down the boss and destroy it. Repeat the procedure for the second one, and bingo- you’ve won.

There are a couple of things to look out for during this boss fight. The first is that both bosses have some nasty one hit attacks and AOE’s, so keep your party’s health above 50%. Use paradigms to do this when an enemy has not been staggered, and switch to potions when they have been to make sure your DPS stays as high as possible.

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