How to Make Free Custom iPhone Ringtones

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For whom does that phone ring? It rings for thee! You will always know it’s your phone ringing, and won’t be one of those people desperately reaching for their unringing phone when you create a custom ringtone for your iPhone.

It’s pretty embarrassing to always reach for a phone when it’s not yours. When your iPhone ringtone is the same as everyone else’s, your ringtone and your true personality get lost in the crowd.

Before your Start…..

How to Make Free Custom iPhone Ringtones

1. Download a current version of iTunes if you don’t already have one: download iTunes for free.

  • Install iTunes and open the program.
  • You may need to reboot your computer.

2. Fill your iTunes library with some music. To start with, find a copy of the song that you want to use as your nwe, custom iPhone rigntone.

Get music by:

  • buying it from the iTunes libary
  • creating copies of your favorite CDs onto your iTunes
  • downloading public domain or free music

How to Make Free Custom iPhone Ringtones

1. Find a Music clip for your custom iPhone ringtone A clip could be the beginning of the song, or one of your favorite lines from the song. Most people use the beginning of a song. If you want a totally original iPhone ringtone, don’t use the very beginning, find a different clip.

2. Note the beginning and end times of the part of the song you want to use for your iPhone ringtone. The entire ringtone should be less than 40 seconds long.

3. You need the information associated with the song clip. On a Mac, click Control and click the mouse, or in Windows right click to to view the Get Info box.

4. Get Info: Click on the Options tab and enter the start time and end times into the boxes. Click OK to accept.

5. Access the right click menu again (Ctrl + Click on a Mac) to find “Create AAC Version.” There is an option to create a ringtone, but you can only do that with a song that was purchased in iTunes.

6. Right click in Windows or Ctrl + Click in Mac to find the “Delete” option. Be sure to choose Keep File, not Move to Trash.

7. Locate your new custom iPhone ringtone in your Music folder. Go to

Music > iTunes > iTunes Music and look for the name of the singer or band with a file extension of .m4a

8. Change the file extension form .m4a to m4r by double clicking on the name and retyping it. On a PC, right click and use the Rename option. For Mac, use Ctrl + click the mouse to access the Get Info menu.

9. Add the custom iPhone ringtone to your iTunes ringtones folder by double clicking on the file.

10 . Connect your iPhone to your computer and sync your iPhone and iTunes and your iPhone ringtones

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