Planning a Wedding on Short Notice

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Planning a Wedding on Short Notice

Planning a wedding is not an easy thing to do – ask any couple and they will both smile and shudder as they tell you the issues they had to face when planning their wedding. However if you, like me, are planning your special day on short notice – whether a month, two weeks or even one week – it can be exceptionally stressful and scary. But have no fear!


The first thing you will need to do is get your license. This is important as you cannot get married without one. If you are in the UK, you need to contact your nearest registry office and talk to them. Go in and pay the fee (£30 each) and then you can book your special day.


Any woman will tell you that the most important thing on her day is her wedding dress – any woman who says otherwise is lying! Depending on how much time you have until your big day, it may be best to buy your dress ‘off the rack’; this means already made. There are a number of stores in your town or city that have ready-made dresses for you to choose from. If you have about four to six weeks, you can contact a number of online stores that can create your dress from scratch (as I did from here,

If you do not have this time, who says you need to buy a wedding dress? Go to a department store and buy a beautiful evening dress. It doesn’t even have to be white, ivory or even gold – many brides are choosing deep red or blue for their wedding day.

EBay is another great place to buy a wedding dress on such short notice. Chose one and it can be shipped in only a few days.

For bridesmaids and page boys, a trip to the department store will soon get you what you need. There are some beautiful clothes designed for special occasions. Just remember to get the right size.

For men, go out and buy a really nice suit that would be suitable. Women’s dresses are more important!

Flowers and Cakes:

Flowers are one of the most expensive items in a wedding. You can get away with this by using silk flowers instead of real. If you have the money, ring around the florists and see whether they can help you on short notice. This is the same with the cake. You will need a few days for the cake to be prepared – if not, why not ask a friend who loves, or is brilliant, at baking to help out.  


 OK, to celebrate your wedding with your family and friends. Booking a reception hall or a hotel venue on short notice can be both expensive and rare. Ring around and see what they can offer you.

If not, why not book a restaurant or a pub for a few hours? Get some friends to help decorate with balloons, banners, streamers, food etc or hire a caterer to help with the food.

With this guide you can safely and easily book your special day on short notice. Remember to think that this is a time of happiness and love and not a time to pull your hair out!


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