Poem – Victem

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Beyond the emptiness

Lies a border

A border no one should cross

Once in a while

A person, or persons, slip through

Venturing into the forbidden

Breaking natures security

These people tare up the ground

That took so long to repair

Because there where others

Just like them

Who came in and took over

Molding the land to their liking

Pulling up the trees

Carving the rocks

The land never forgot

The terror

The pain

Again new people come in to take over

Ruining everything that is good

Taking away from true beauty

The land is helpless

Against these brutal hunters

So it sheds the tears of rain

To try to wash them away

But it only seems to make them stronger

Tougher, Meaner

Reletlessly they work

Wuntill she has no fight left

The land has given up

There’s nothing left to do but watch

As everything she’s ever loved about herself

Is taken away


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