How to be a Xbox Live Girl Gamer

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A few years ago girl gamers where not so common. Now is our time.

Become addicted along with the thousands of other girl gamers on xbox live right now. Dont worry about the boys, what they say or what they do. Just ignore them. Sometimes it’s just funny because they think since you are a girl you cant whoop some butt on the games against them. It’s okay, let them stick their foot in their mouth a few minutes later.

Join gamerchix. Xbox live has a group just for us gamer chix! Thy get together every so often to play certain games together. Last time was Gears of War 2!!   Now that you know you have a support group, go make some friends!

If you are new to this, and the boys keep torturing you, you might just find someone to take you under their wing and help you out untill you play more and get some experience so…..oh yea….you can kick the guys butts! I have had many guys get mad as soon as they found out I was a girl and I just stomped a mudhole.   Have fun! Gaming is so much fun nowdays. Online gaming even funner. Dont let the boys treat you like just because you are a girl you can’t game!


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