How to Write Short Stories ?

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Short story is the most widely practiced and most widely read form of literature in the world today. There is practically no subject, no human situation that has not been at some time the subject of story. Given below are different types:

  • Adventure – In this type of story, some central character usually goes through unusual and dangerous adventures often in search of hidden wealth or achievement.
  • Horror – These stories may be about monsters, supernatural powers, places or buildings (especially castles) where strange and frightening happenings occur.
  • Crime or Detection – The detective story is about murder or theft. Early on this story a crime is committed and the rest of the book is concerned with solving the mystery of the crime. These types of plots are popular with readers.
  • Humorous – In these types of stories humour plays a major role. Their main objective is to entertain people. A popular write of humorous books in English is P.G. Wodehouse.
  • Romance – In this type, story is mainly about the course of love between a man and woman, it’s ups and downs, and usually it’s final triumph in the uniting of the two lovers.
  • Science Fiction – It is a product of the great scientific and technological advances that have been made in modern times. A science fiction may deal to travel to other places, planets or solar systems, with imagined wars and empires.

The best stories are a mixture of many elements referred to as above. For example the story line in Charles Dicken’s Bleak House is a mixture of melodrama, mystery detection, humour and social criticism. Just as life is mixture of joy, disappointment, hope, sorrow, humour, suffering, success, so the greatest stories reflect life with many of these elements.

Creating plot is very important in writing the short stories as creating a carefully thought-out plan in which all the events, all the actions and reactions of the characters, contribute towards the forward movement of the story.


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