How to Improve Communication skills

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Today is the era of the Media. Mass communication has been speedily expanding .   Communication has become an effective tool for the digital continent today. It is important to know what is said , the consistency of what is said , and how it is interpreted. Most of the conflict arise for the lack of exact and effective communication. The following factors are to be kept into consideration for an effective communication.

  • The message : The exact matter or the content of the communication.
  • The agent of the Message : It matters much how and in what manner the messenger has transmitted the message. He can be abrupt without proper clarity of speech, whether he has communicated objectives or whether he has added something more of his personal even with good intention to convince better. It matters whether the message communicated is a pure content or whether something more is added to interpret it. The message may be communicated objectively with mere content, the messenger may communicate it with correct pronunciation, clarity of speech and tone, then it matters how the listener has listened to it. It matters whether he has listened with pure attention whether he has listened with an altered mind.

In communication we need skill to encode and decode the message. We need the effective device to transmit the message. The message can be encoded with words, symbols and graphs. The body language makes difference according to the temper of the person. The message can be communicated through face to face dialogue with words, or by phone conversation, by writing a letter, or by broadcasting. The receiver of the message must decode the message using conventions, cultural or contextual background, and language skills. The message he receives might or might not meet the intent of the messenger.

It is not ideal to interpret or interfere while transmitting the message. But normally when a message is communicated, people demand for interpretation , explanation and clarification to clear the doubts. But it can go wrong or altered at any stage of this process of communication.


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