Expansion of Communism in South Asia

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India is known in the world as the largest democracy, in terms of its population size. But recenlty the country has exprienced a spurt in communist violence. The conflict between the Maoist rebels and the Indian government has only intensified since the beginning of the 21st Century. Some of the attacks which recieved a great amount of media attention are the Gadchiroli attack in Maharashtra on the police and the attack on the Eastern Frontier Rifles(EFR) by the Naxals.

It is not only India but other countries too such as Nepal which have a huge presence of armed maoist presence. But more or less, the Nepal Maoists became part of the democratic process. But that has not been the case in India. Since the merger of two extremist communist parties to form a new maoist entity, the Communist Party of India(Maoist), the war has expanded to new areas. The Maoists are probably the only rebels who can claim to have a nationwide appeal in India. The rest of the Rebel outfits are regional outfits claiming to support the cause of some ethnic group or the other.

The Maoists claim that they are willing to talk but the Central Government’s plan to go ahead with the Operation Green Hunt has made the Rebels to mobilise for the coming battle. The Government has mobilised thousands of troops for Operation Green Hunt. The Maoists are totalling just around 10 to 20 thousand in terms of armed fighers, and another fifty thousand unarmed but “active” supporters. Till now the government of India has planned  with the state governments to use the police and Paramillitary forces against the Maoists. But it is likely that if the Paramillitary forces and Police too fail, that the Indian Army might be called up sometime soon.

Some Communist Parties are part of the Democratic process and system, like the CPI and CPI(Marxist), which control 3 of India’s states and have great influence througout the country, but even the moderate communists are denounced by the Extremist Maoists.

The CPI(Maoist) has been described as the greatest internal security threat by Indian Leaders and Maoists have claimed that in just another 15 years, that is by 2025, they will be able to overthrow the Indian State. To what extent this will come true is yet to be seen, but it is likely that if Operation Green Hunt fails, then the Indian government will be faced with a rising amount of challenges from the Maoists whose Morale would have been greatly bolstered. 


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