Car Power Locks Installation

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Remove the Door Panel

Remove all of the fasteners and the screws that keep the door panel connected to the body, with either a monkey-wrench or a Phillips head screwdriver, depending on what the job calls for. Be aware of any hidden screws that keep the accessory trim connected. An example of accessory trim would be any hidden screws set up to keep a cup holder, or actual door lock, in place, or the window crank if the vehicle doesn’t have power windows.

Mount the Actuator

There should be an enclosed bracket visible, as well as a factory locked rod, once you have removed the door panel. If not, then your car is probably designed to mount the actuator directly to the door. Some cars also require that the actuator rod be bent before installation. You will recognize this by how the brackets are placed to support the rod.


Connect Actuator the Rod

Attach the adjustable clamp to the actuator and connect it to the factory locked rod. You can insert the rod through the whole in the actuator and then thread it through to position it parallel with the factory locked rod. Once they are parallel, fasten the adjustable clamp to the two rods to keep them connected in place.

Plug in the Wire Harness

The wire harness should be color coded with red and black wires, and already enclosed within the door jam. Attach these wires to the new central locking control unit you will be installing. Connect the red wire leading from the wire harness to a 12-volt power source and the black wire to any ground within the door panel.

Final Step

Test the system to make sure it works, and then mount the control box and wires within the door panel with cable ties, avoiding all moving rods. Reinstall the door panel to the body and enjoy.

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