How make short term goals

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Short term goals are just as important as long term goals. Without goals, you don’t have a clear direction. Goals are like navigation. You get to navigate to where your boat wants to go. You do have to have a clear direction of where you are heading out in the sea or else you can end up like the Titanic. You have to know where you’re going. No one will sail their boat without sufficient food, water, clothing and directions to their destination. They will be lost in the middle of the way and running out of food and water. This is like your life. If you’re navigating without sufficient food, water, clothing and direction, you will end up in the middle of no where lost and hungry. I’ve seen many people  in this situation. They’re lost and hungry without any direction. I’ve seen many young people left living on their own with no money and so they’re stuck with a full time job and no money left for anything else. They sit around and wait until a better time that will come around to pick them up. You do have to have clear goals and direction for your life. It’s just like sailing.

Your goals are the same in your personal life, education, career, relationship or business. In each area, you will need goals. You will need to have clear set goals so you know where you are going. This is why you should have a journal set aside dedicating to goals. You will be glad that you have this journal down the road. It will help you get to where you want to be. If you don’t have it, you might forget how to stay on track and just do whatever that comes your way. Of course, you will have to take those adventures that are beneficial but don’t sway too far away from your goals.

Short term goals are goals that can be achieve within six months. Anything longer than that is considered long term goals. Of course, goals have to be done little by little. It has to be doable and measurable. You can’t make your goals too hard to achieve. You have to set goals that are easy to achieve. You have to do it in baby steps. This is the route to achieving your short term goals. For example, you will write down your weekly goals, monthly goals and then your six months goals. You will then write down your long term goals after you have achieved your short term goals. For your short term goal, you can write down values that can be evaluate later on. For example, by the end of the month, I want to save around $2000.

After the end of the month, you will look back to see if you have saved up to $2000. if you have then you have achieved your goals. If you haven’t then you can make it to be next month’s goal. Each goal has to be doable and measurable. Another short term goal can be that you want to finish your college degree within six months because you’re a senior in college. Each goal will help you get up each day with an obligation to do. This way you have to get up each day and do them.


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