What are journalists allowed when it comes to privacy

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What are journalists allowed when it comes to prying into stories? What is considered private and public? Journalists are bound to laws too. A journalist can get a lawsuit if he or she trespassed or pry into a private matter that they’re not allowed to pry on. Journalists are allowed to cover stories that are considered public and at public places only unless they have consent to do so in private and on private matters. This means a journalist can enter someone’s home and do a story at the consent of that person. They have to get an agreement before they enter and do a story on them. A signed contract will save you a big lawsuit later on.

When you’re writing on the net, it’s the same law that will apply to you. You can only write about stories that are considered public and in public places if you photograph people. The people have to be public figure too. If you’re going to do a story on a private person, you will need their consent unless it’s newsworthy. Newsworthiness is a defense for prying into people’s personal lives or privacy.

If it’s an accident on a freeway or a fight in your neighborhood, you can do a story on it. If it’s a corporation that is having a new building, you can do a story on it. Your story can be done if the subject is a public subject or a private subject who agree to do a story with you. If you don’t have a signed agreement, you can’t enter into someone’s private home to do a story. You can’t even follow the police nowadays unless the owner of the house allowed you to come in. you can however go into public places like a store, a park, a beach, a freeway, and any places that are open to the public. Public is the word when it comes to journalism. It has to be a public place.

Each time that you do a story, you must consider it as a private or public place. You must get a signed contract if it’s a private subject at a private location if you don’t want a lawsuit later on. A signed contract for everything is pretty much to be on the safer side of things. You’re going to like it more.


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