5 things your girlfriend is not telling you

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She would like to spend more time with you

Women would take all of your time if they can. They just love to spend time with their man. If you have time, it should go to your girlfriend. If you neglect her for too long, it will be done. This is how it’s like with relationship. There are men that will choose football over a date with their girlfriend, too much of this is detrimental to your relationship.

Women get very emotional

Women are emotional creatures. It’s in their genes. They cry and get vulnerable at things that you don’t care for. They are emotional and there is nothing that you can change about that. They like to get emotional. You just have to accept the fact that women are emotional.

She like you to use soft voices and soft words

Women like it when you talk softy and sweetly to them, they will fall for those things. Women aren’t into swearing or yelling. Men are ok with those things but women aren’t into those things. They like you to use softer words and sweeter gestures. You should try it sometimes and see what will happen.

She really needs you at times

Women are weak and vulnerable at times and they need you. You have to know when your ladies need you and be there for them. Women are not like men. They get scare at almost every single thing.

She likes it when you’re considerate

Women are very diplomatic and considerate. They don’t swear and they always ask if you have time for them first. They always ask before they proceed. It’s just nice to be able to know that you’re clear before you proceed to something new. For example, if you want to bring your female friends over, you need to ask for her permission first before you do so or else you risk a fight. Women are very sensitive to your female friends.


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