How to Download Audio,Video, Software & Documents for Free From Ares

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images1_Thumb.jpg Begin downloading to your computer

We’re all looking for freeware that is safe and won’t crash your computers or give your computer a virus. Ares does have a free version that’s been available since 2005. It walks you through the steps about using the P2P software safely. I personally use this and find all the music I want, music from every genre.


You can transfer to your ipod or cell phone by syncing Ares works by finding sources and downloads files from peer to peer networking. You first type in what you want to look for, audio, images, software etc. Then you hit the search button. Within a few seconds you will have huge lists to choose from. The lists that have the most users are usually the quickest to download and transfer.

You’re able to preview your files, while the download is in progress, and ares also supports Shoutcast internet radio. Pick what source you want, hit transfer, then download, and click on where the file is saved on your computer. I personally sync the music to my Sprint centro or treo. My family uses T-mobile products and they work also. Have fun downloading anything you could possibly imagine for free.


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