5 things your boyfriend is not telling you

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He wants more time with the boys

He wants to have more time with the boys. He likes to play balls with them. It’s just a man thing. Men love to play sports with their friends. If you don’t allow football time then you’re in big trouble. You should come along and watch them play. You can be his cheerleader but don’t expect him to stay at home. Men have to exercise to get all of those testosterone out. They really need to work out unlike women. It might make him feel better and that can be rewarding for your relationship. Time away is like a little break now and then.

He really likes to keep his room messy

It’s just how boys are and they are not neat like women. You have to respect that they like it messy. If you start cleaning their room, they will get mad and you will run into their ex’s photos. You should stay away from his room. It’s just a privacy thing.

He can’t communicate

Men don’t like to talk about their feelings. If you have heard anything at all, you would have heard this one. They don’t like to communicate at all. They like to show you. If they fix your car, they really like you. If they buy you flowers, they really like you. It’s how men are. If they are fixing your home or car, you can take it as a sign that they like you.

He can’t commit

It’s just a man thing. There are many men out there who like a light relationship. For some reason, they will run when you start talking about marriage. I guess it will come someday but not right away. You should give him sometimes for this.

He doesn’t want you to change him

Women love to fix or change their men but notice that he will only want to run away more. Men like to be themselves. You have to allow that and if you keep on telling them to be someone else, they will run away quickly.


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