Harmful effects of Americans over consuming in products

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Are Americans over consuming? Let’s calm down with the stuff problems. I think Americans are over consuming because we have the money to do it. We love to consume. We spend all day long and then we complain for running out of money. We are not good at consuming and spending. Americans aren’t good at the things that most other countries are good at like saving and this is why we’re borrowing from China and our dollar is less than the Euro. Our students are less competent then the ones in foreign countries.

We spend a lot of things and we don’t recycle enough. We make ridiculous packages that would only cost consumers more and they’re not usable or edible. They cost tons and then we all throw them away. It’s just a waste of time and energy to make these packages, to throw them away, and then to remake them again. Think of how much money it takes to make packages and to pack them and then to throw them away.

It’s like putting in $5 extra for every package that you use. It would cost you about $2 for the package and then $2 for hours of labor to assemble the package and then $1 to throw away the resources. So I think Americans are over consuming and throwing away a lot of goodies and resources. Let’s recycle more and we will save more money and natural resources. I think it’s ridiculous to make underpants packages all nice and pretty. They don’t need to be in packages that are too fancy. They can be in a nice plastic bag like most of them come in.

I buy a lot of products and most of them come in packages that I’m even afraid to touch knowing that I’ll pay an extra $2 for every package when I can pay less for those that don’t come in packages. I think companies should stop wasting time with pretty packages that would raise the price of the produce. If you sell it for $5 instead of $10 because you drop the special packaging then you might even have more sales. All that papers, printing, logos, colors, materials will only ruin the planet. Lets save the planet by recycling more and spending less on things that are not useful at all.


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