Top Three Reasons Why Older Men Date Younger Women

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Before I wrote this article I had a brief talk with my boyfriend who is 12 years older than I am about the reasons why he preferred dating a younger woman than woman on his age. His answers actually surprised me, some are wicked, and some are funny. I also interviewed close friends who are dating or are married with younger women about this topic and most of them told me almost same reasons.

a.)    Younger women have great energy – Since older men are too busy, they would want to be with someone who has a lot of energy to do things. This can encourage and brighten their nights. Some even admit that dating younger women make them feel younger by heart too.

b.)    Older men feel proud having younger women in their arms, it’s like candy that other older men envy – Having young women in their arms is like an ego boost that they can still pull the trigger and so on. When they show up in a party or in a room with their young girlfriends or beautiful young wives, they like the feeling of being envied by other men. They feel lucky having oung, faithful girlfriends not just for an accessory but ego boost. For older men, recognition is very important.

c.)    Younger women have lesser emotional baggage – as women grow older, they carry with them emotional baggage from previous marriages and some have lots of kids to take care of. Younger women have lesser experiences in life and some who are single mothers have lesser children.

I am not saying older men are using younger women to give them the happiness they want. Older men are responsible on their actions, they know they are contented and happy with their young wives or girlfriends and they also give what they can in order to satisfy and make the women stay faithful like a return of favor. These include a lot of things from their side; older men are more stable emotionally and it’s a guarantee that they won’t fool around because their energy, heart and mind are only suitable for 1 woman. They have had enough in the years that passed by. They are also financially stable that can spoil younger women.
I was shocked when my bf bought me a land as a valentines present. Even if I know he can give more, I want to keep everything like surprises. I don’t want to expect anything and I stay faithful to him not because of the things he can give me but because he makes me feel like a woman.


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