Runescape Herblore Guide How to Master the Members Only Trade Skill in the Runescape MMORPG

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Herblore is a Runescape members only trade skill. Herblore allows the players that possess herblore use it to make a variety of potions, provided they have a mortar and pestle and the required ingredients. The in-game effects of the potions can cure poisons, heal wounds, boost resistances, or improve a charadcter’s stats.

For a characte to start his herblore career, the character must collect herbs Runescape herbs are often found on monster drops within the game, or can be harvested from certain gardens using the farming skill.

Getting and Cleaning Herbs

Herbs are most often found on monsters in Runescape, but before a herb can be used,it must be cleaned. To do this, a player has to click on the herb in his character’s inventory. If a character does not have the required reblore skill, the game will let him know in the browser window. If a character is close to the required skill level there are items that will temporarily raise a character’s herblore skill. A character can ingest such a brew before completing one of these quests or making a potion if he his skill is close enough.

Secondary Ingredients

Gathering herbs is only one part of making potions from the herblore skill. Most potions require secondary ingredients and a water-filled vial to complete. A list of the potion ingredients, herblore skill levels, and recipes can be found on Global Runescape. Ashes are the easiest secondary ingredient for a character to obtain because ashes can be found in the remnants of a fire. Other secondary ingredients can be obtained from shops within the game or from monsters.

Mortar and Pestle

Some herblore ingredients for Runescape potions must be ground before they can be used. A player can purchase this for his herblore character from a shop in Tavern. Unicorn horn, chocolate, goat’s horn, and the blue dragon scales are all components that must be ground down before they can be used in a Runescape potion. A herbalist in Runescape can make poisons that can be applied to his weapon to improve weapon damager.

Profitability of Herblore

Runescape herblore potions can be sold to other players, but the effects are desirable for any character, so most players will keep a supply of potions made using the herblore skill in their inventory for personal use. It might be better to find the ingredients and sell them back after a character has the ingredients for the potions that he needs.


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