What is secret service?

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What is secret service? Well secret service is someone who protects the president, vice president and is always next to them when appearing in places. The secret service not only protects the president but protects the family. They also are involved in an agency that investigates counterfeiting, bank and wire fraud. The secret service job is in good demanding. You will need to be there when needed. This could be 24 hours. It also could be a very stressful job, and carry a big responsibility when protecting the president. The secret service is allowed to carry firearms, make arrests without warrants if believed there is the person that committed a fraud.

Employment opportunities to become a secret service are you have to be U.S. Citizen to apply.Is not easy to get a job as a secret service. You will need to pass intensive background checks. It could take six to nine months to complete. This background includes a deep investigation on employment history, police record, credit history. This will all been done before you get an appointment. You might need a college degree, it depends on the position you are applying for.

You will also be asking to take an exam called “Treasury Enforcement Agent exam”. This exam you will need to pass to have a job with the secret service. There are books online that would help you prepared for this exam. There is also certain positions that would required you to take a Polygraph examination and passed it. This position is Special Agent, Uniformed Division Officer, and Physical Security Specialist.

The salary of a secret service depends on the position you are applying for. It could be around 68,000 dollars, depending on the city you live in. If you work as a secret service around one year and four years, your salary would be around 48,000 dollars. If you work around five to nine years, your salary would be around 56,000 dollars. If you work for ten to 19 years the salary could be around 95,000 dollars.


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