What is Ultrasound Technologist and What They Do?

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An ultrasound technologist is someone who conducts ultrasound examinations. They frequent work at hospitals, and clinics. They conduct ultrasound for pregnant women, to assure if everything is okay with unborn baby. When they conduct an ultrasound they are developing picture of the unborn baby. Here they examine the pictures to see if the baby is growing okay. Ultrasound technologist also has other duties. They could take ultrasound pictures of people having health problems. They could use the ultrasound to take internal organs pictures. They could find out if there is something wrong with the person internal organs. Ultrasound sound could also detect breast cancer, kidney and liver diseases, and other abnormalities. The ultrasound technologist learns how to use a machine that is called a sonography. They also may perform other duties like preparing reports and updating them.

To become an ultrasound technologist you first need to finish high school. Then you will need to enroll to a college where you could get your associate or bachelor degree. The courses that you might take are anatomy and physiology, medical terminology and instrumentation, as well as physics, mathematics, and medical ethics. You also will need to do on hands training. Meaning you will work under someone supervision where you could work with patients.

The pay to become an ultrasound technologist is very good. The salary could start at 40,000 to 63,000 depending where you live. This salary could be based on the city or state. Example, if you live in California the salary might be better than in Texas. The salary also depends on the experience you have, and the degree you have.

There is a great demand for ultrasound technologist. The future of the ultrasound technologist will be here for a while. There is always something new and improvement that is in demand. The demand is greater in most states. So I believe ultrasound technologist, would never be left without a job.


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