How to Get Rid of a Hangover: Understand that you Can’t ‘Cure’ a Hangovier

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Well, that night was certainly fun right? You lost your money, maybe some memories, and hey let’s throw in your self respect for good measure. Oh and to top all of that off you’ve got yourself a nasty little hangover that makes living excruciating. Hangover the movie was funny; unfortunately for you bad things are only funny when they happen to other people onscreen. So now how do you get through this day of hell and function as a normal human being in society with a hangover? Let us take a journey through your day and the steps you will need to alleviate the pain.

In the future when you go out drinking make sure you are taking in plenty of fluids besides just the alcohol. Dehydration plays a huge role in a hangover so you need to take steps to prevent it. But since you’ve already have a hangover it’s critical to ease the grip it has on you by drinking plenty of water. Personally, if available I go for the Gatorade and if I’m in condition to drive at some point during the day I will stock up on Pedialyte. Of course I’m talking about the old days because I don’t get wasted anymore which is what you’re saying to yourself right now.

In addition to the fluids you need to eat some food. Some good old fashioned fried foods will help do the trick. I’m not sure what type of drinker goes out and doesn’t end the night with some nice tasty fast food or Waffle House but apparently you people exist. Eating before drinking will help absorb some of that excess alcohol and the same applies to the day after when your hangover is in full effect. If you’re in the full on vomit mode of a hangover start by trying to eat some bread when you’re feeling up to it and slap yourself for letting it get to that point.

Sleep. Get as much sleep as you possibly can as it will help you more than anything else and isn’t a hangover much easier to deal with when you’re not consciously aware of it?

I know you feel like death and the last thing you want to do right now is exercise but doing a light workout can help you feel better and sweat out some of those toxins you filled yourself with. Stretching can help with those tense and aching muscles, go for a short walk around the neighborhood, ride an exercise bike. You get the idea keep it light and work up a bit of a sweat.

The last thing that I recommend is soaking in a bath or taking a nice hot shower. I don’t really need to explain this one you already know how awesome it’s going to feel. So go do it.

There isn’t anything that will magically get rid of a hangover, no sir there is no cure except time and there is only so much you can do to prevent it. Obviously abstaining is the only way to totally avoiding a hangover but where’s the fun in that? Your body has every right to make you feel awful after the night you just put it through so man up and accept that this day will not be amongst your best.


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