The Sands Venetian falling apart: A great case study for business people

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The Sands make a great case study for Business majors. The Sands was once a great company to invest in and they did well but they soon decline within a few years. What really happened? You would find out all of that when you google it. Obviously, they’re still doing poorly right now due to their massive project in Macau. They’ve stretched their finances too thin. I guess when you read their case, you might not want to make the same decisions regarding your business. They’ve had several lawsuits too. There were problems among management too. There were securities fraud issues and how the company was run like it was private when it was a public company.

Stocks fell from around $50 to $7. Shareholders lost quiet a lot of money and they sued. They were upset. I would be upset too if my stocks fall that low. I don’t know if this is intentional or not. You just never know with the big CEO. They could keep your money and claim that it’s just a statement loss. You never know with these companies and that’s why they said the first rule when it comes to stock is to put money in a company where you can trust. If you can’t trust them, you should not invest in them.

Obviously, the CEO and the management staff really matters too. If they have no respect for shareholders money, they will screw around with it reckless and would not care if you lose all of your money. This is why a thorough investigation is required before you can invest largely in a company. I don’t think a lot of people would want to put their money in this company currently with all of the lawsuits that are out there or have been in court. People don’t like the management team. If you read comments from their employees, people don’t like working for them. They can operate like a communist department sometimes. Some departments are communists like and others are not. It’s a terrifying place to work for according to most people who worked there before. They have projects going on in Macau, a communist like country. I don’t think that’s a good investment though since they’re doing business in China. I would stay away from them. You can go to google and you will see how appealing they are.


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