Would You Like to Earn $1000 a Second?

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Let’s be honest. Who clicked on this article hoping for some”get rich quick” scheme? Earning $1000 dollars a second is just a pipedream to the majority of people. But what is amazing is how this business gets you thinking once you get involved. I was just about to throw out the papers from the week-end when I noticed a full page article for some garden products. I thought “they must be making money to have a full page ad”. Then another thought struck me.

There was a website at the bottom of the ad. On clicking to the website I scanned to the bottom and lo and behold there was what I was looking for. Can you guess what it is? Something that millions of Internet Marketers do on a daily basis, with some earning quite a good living. Suspense over. What I was looking for was a link to an affiliate program. This program paid out a 75% commission. The items in question were $139.99. So by promoting this product and selling just one you would receive $139.99 x 75% = $105 (almost!). Imagine if you referred just two sales a week, $210.

Over a year this would be $10, 920 off just one product. Now imagine repeating this every week with different products, your earnings would be astronomical. That is how a lot of people are quietly making huge sums every week. When affiliate marketing is mentioned a lot of people immediately think of ClickBank or Commission Junction. But exploring the lesser known avenues can provide you with a healthy income as there will be less competition.

Now earning $1000 a second equates to over $3,600,000 an hour. This definitely is a pipedream. But $1000 a month, $12000 a year is easily attainable. Do this with, say, 10 products and you have an income of $120, 000 a year. Oh, one more thing. When you advertise the product (yes you will have to put in some work!) either on your website or blog, don’t forget the most important part – The Headline. Grab your readers attention. Did I grab yours?


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