Creating Your Own Product

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Have you ever thought of creating your own product and selling it online? Do you think it’s easy? Well, some say yes, the majority say no. There are lots of things to consider and not just the creation.

Everything starts with an idea and that is where the problems start. Do you do it yourself or pay someone to do it for you? With the former you have complete control from the start, with the latter you will get (probably) a more polished and professional looking product. You then have to look at demand and competition, though ideally this should be done at the idea stage. Keyword research rears its ugly head and finally can money be made from the product. Either from sales or giving it away to a list as a promotion.

The next stage, assuming you have created your product, is the marketing stage. The type of website used. Sales page or multi-page combining it with other products. The standard practice used to be that a site with lots of content was best for the more expensive items, with short “squeeze page” type best for the other less expensive item. A recent innovation is video marketing. With videos you can convey a lot more than when it was written. Providing it is not an “epic” video for example too long, then this can be the way forward. Do not use fancy words, speak as though you are talking to a friend. Use passion and this will convey itself to the potential customer. Be passionate about your product. Convince the customer that your product is a “must have”. Sell yourself and the job is half done. Sales page creation is not hard. Their is lots of free stuff you can find with Google. Such as HTML editors and FTP clients along with web templates. It just takes a bit of searching.

Getting your site recognised by both the search engines and the internet population is far out of the scope of this article. If you stick to article marketing and forum posting you will get noticed. It will take time. Remember patience is a virtue. That and discipline are two important traits required. You will make mistakes but, as in every walk of life, you will learn from these.


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