How to Improve Your Memory – In One Easy Step

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Have you ever had trouble remembering even the simplest of facts? Do you ever run upstairs to fetch something then forget what you are looking for? You have? Then do not despair, help is at hand. I remember (very funny!) the first time I began having problems with my short term memory. I had gathered some items together for a trip to the bank, yet when I got there I had left said items at home! From then on things got worse!My long term memory was fine. I could remember facts from my working and social life stretching back years. Yet I couldn’t remember something that happened an hour or so ago! I was despairing of ever finding a solution. But suddenly I chanced upon this method of brain training by accident.

What you have to realise is that we never use our memory to it’s full potential, it has to be trained just like other parts of our body. So I started to train my memory. Let me give you an example.

Henry the eighth had six wives. Can you name them? Can you recall what fate befell them? Can you remember the order in which he married them? I think most people could name the six wives, other people could possibly say what happened to them. But I’ll bet that not a lot of people could say the order in which he married them with any degree of certainty. After reading this article you will know all three answers and, more importantly, be able to recall the facts at will.

So the six wives in the order in which Henry marries them as well as their fate:

1. Catherine of Aragon Divorced
2. Anne Boleyn Beheaded
3. Jane Seymour Died
4. Anne of Cleves Divorced
5. Catherine Howard Beheaded
6. Katherine Parr Survived

So how to remember them. First look at the fate of each wife and repeat it in the order it is printed. Divorced, beheaded died, divorced beheaded survived. Nice ring to it don’t you think? Keep repeating it it will soon become ingrained in your memory.

Now to the names of the wives. The alert amongst you will have realised that their surnames are nearly in alphabetical order. Aragon, Boleyn, Cleves, Howard and Parr. The joker in the pack is Jane Seymour. The trick is to associate a word or phrase with her name to enable it to fit in with our alphabetical pattern. Jane Seymour was Henry’s 3rd wife. So she came before number four. If we remember Henry’s wives’ surnames in alphabetical order but use Seymour as before four it will work. Try it. Let’s go.

Henry married in order

1. (Catherine of ) Aragon,
2. (Anne) Boleyn,
3. before four (Jane) Seymour
4. (Anne of) Cleves
5. (Catherine) Howard
6. (Katherine) Parr.

Just remember the surnames are almost in alphabetical order apart from Seymour (before four). This along with the almost sing-along fates that befell them will soon make you stand out from the crowd and make you aware of the awesome untapped power of your memory.

Now where did I put my book on improving your memory?


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