Gemini Female Astrological Love Sign

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Gemini is the dual personality and so it is with the typical Gemini female. Gemini woman birth date is between May 21 and June 21 And the Gemini symbol is the twins which points out this duplicitous nature. And their ruling planet is Mercury which make Gemini women very intelligent and great communicators. And Gemini women love to talk and gossip on the telephone. The typical Gemini woman might have several cellphones at her constant disposal.

Romantic Relationships

Gemini woman are quite popular and have a large circle of friends. They often retain their relationships with male friends after marriage to the dismay of their spouse. Gemini women have their own minds and way about them and do not like being under anyone’s control. This includes husbands, lovers, or any others. Most Gemini women are big flirts. They love flirting with the opposite sex. This might upset their lovers or husbands and cause a problem in the relationship. Their significant other must learn that Gemini women love the flirting game. And it is just a game to them. And that it is not to be taken too seriously. Gemini women on the one level are very serious when it comes to love and very protective of their relationships and would not rock the boat unless they were bored. On another level that can’t control their desire to chat up attractive men.

Compatible Zodiac Signs

These zodiac signs are very compatible with Gemini.

Gemini and Gemini – Like two peas in a pod.

Libra and Gemini-  Share many common traits.

Sagittarius and Gemini- Very compatible.

Aquarius and Gemini- Aquarian men are a great match for Gemini

Incompatible Zodiac Signs

Signs that are not compatible with Gemini.


Famous Gemini Women

A few of the famous women born under Gemini includes the following:

Stevie Nicks    
Kylie Minogue    
Annette Bening    
Wynonna Judd    
Brooke Shields    
Alanis Morissette    
Heidi Klum    
Marilyn Monroe    
Angelina Jolie    
Sandra Bernhard    
Anna Kournikova    
Joan Rivers    
Natalie Portman    
Elizabeth Hurley
Courteney Cox    
Helen Hunt    
Joyce Carol Oates    
Yasmine Bleeth    
Venus Williams    
Kathleen Turner    
Paula Abdul    
Nicole Kidman


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