Finding Perfection

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Too often I see/hear people asking the same question: how can you change a man, or would you try and change your mate? Those are questions that some what surprise me sometimes not. I could never understand why people would try and change someone else. Song of Solomon touches on a subject slightly like this one.

Song of Solomon says “You are so beautiful, my beloved, so perfect in every part” (4:7). Solomon found perfection within his beloved no matter what her flaws could have been. He sees perfection within her and doesn’t want to do anything to change who she is in any way. And he makes it a point to tell her that he sees her as perfect. All of chapter four in fact is him telling her of all the qualities he loves about her. He spends 15 verses describing her beauty in words like “a lovely orchard bearing precious fruit.” He even says the scent of her clothes are like that of the cedar in Lebanon.

We shouldn’t be trying to change someone we claim to love. We should love them for who they are and accept them for all their flaws no matter what they may be. Flaws help make us who we are. Our truest of loves, the love God designed just for us is perfect for us no matter what including their flaws. Who would we be without flaws? No body is absolutely perfect in every way, we all have flaws and we need to accept them in the one we love. That is part of loving someone unconditionally means. Loving someone the way love is describe in Song of Solomon.


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