Different Ways To Say I Love You

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Long Lasting intimacy comes from daily appreciation and frequent positive moments we spend in the company of one another. To love someone, one must show love unconditionally and follow through with actions and not just words. We tend to forget that our heart needs to be nourished from time to time to preserve the love we have for each other.

  • Step 1

Send flowers, just because you want to do it voluntarily.

Step 2

Give her a back rub or massage when she comes home from work or when she’s tired.

Step 3

Send her text messages or leave her sweet voice mails from time to time. Leave post it notes of “I Love You” on your fridge or the car window.

Step 4

Take her out to dinner, shopping, and movies.

Step 5

Talk lovingly about your partner to others, and avoid criticizing your mate to your friends or family.

Step 6

Communicate about all the goals you have been able to accomplish during your time as a couple. Reflecting on the things that you have been able to do with the strength of the other, including the challenges, can really help you reminisce and to celebrate the depth of your relationship and how you have supported one another through it all.

Step 7

Write down 10 things you like about her and put it on the dinner table.

Step 8

Do house chores and cook for her. Step 9 Give her lots of appreciation and compliments. Tell her how lucky and greatful you are having her. Whisper “I love you”. Spoon her. Hug her. Kiss her frequently. Make love to her passionately and give her multiple orgasms.


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