How to Make Ravioli in an Artichoke Sauce

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How to Make Ravioli in an Artichoke Sauce

Ingredients for the Ravioli in an Artichoke Sauce

One or two packages (One pound) of ravioli

Four artichokes

One garlic clove

Two tablespoons of butter

Two ounces of mascarpone cheese

One small onion (minced)

Half a cup of grated parmesan cheese

A pinch of salt and pepper

The recipe takes about thirty to forty five minutes to prepare and cook and the result will serve four to maybe five people. The difficulty of making this dish is not high, it is fairly easy and the results are delicious.

Raviolis are stuffed pasta which is wrapped in thin pasta layers, and they can also be made at home, with the following recipe a store bought pack or two will do fine, and they are usually filled with meat but if you want to make a more vegetarian meal then chose a stuffing such as cheese or spinach.

Clean the artichokes well and drain them, then eliminate the outer leaves and the tips, then cut them finely, and mince the onion

Next place them in a skillet with the garlic clove and the two tablespoons of butter, the minced onion and cook on medium low for twenty five minutes and stirring occasionally. Then add the pinch of salt and pepper and unite the mascarpone cheese and let it rest for a few minutes.

In the meantime cook the ravioli according to package instructions and drain them. Now add the ravioli to the artichoke sauce and mix well add the grated parmesan cheese on top and serve to your guests.


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