How To Get Rid Of Bedbugs

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There are chemical free, safe for children and pets, easy and effective ways to get rid of Bedbugs in your home. Bedbugs are flat, oval and reddish brown in color and are about .2 inches long. Bedbugs resemble cockroaches but are wingless and flat and live in your mattress.

Bedbugs come out at night, many people do not know they have bedbugs unless they have a reaction to their blood sucking bites or their home is infested.Bedbugs are more active at night and hide during the day. Bedbugs typically cluster together in a favorable spot such as your bed and mattress but can also be found in neighboring areas such as baseboards, night tables cracks in wood floors and other furniture.

Since bedbugs like to live near their host, you, the first place to look in your mattress. While bedbugs are most commonly found in bedrooms, bedbugs can spread to additional rooms in your home, including bathrooms, living rooms, and laundry rooms. Dark blood spots on sheets and pillow cases may indicate bedbug feeding. This results in darker (reddish or brownish) spots or smears placed on bed sheets, pillowcases and mattresses, or in nearby areas.

Since bedbugs are small and flat they can move and live in very tight corners and cracks. All bedbugs are parasites of warm-blooded animals. Bedbugs will also feed on you and on your most beloved pets, your dogs and cats if there is no human available. Bedbugs can live up to a year without feeding. These bugs are called “bedbugs” because they eat while their host, you, is asleep, so the sleeping area, your bed, is the most common area for bedbugs to feed, hide, and lay their eggs in.

Another sign that you have bedbugs are unexplained bites when you wake in the morning. Bedbugs bites are consist with a raised red bump or flat welt, and are often accompanied by very intense itching. Bedbugs bite during the night while you are asleep and they will inject a chemical into the bite while sucking your blood. Some people may be allergic to the chemical, if you are itching or have a reaction they you are having an allergic reaction.

Not everyone reacts to bedbug bites in the same way. Some people don’t notice or feel them at all. Many people that have allergies are mild and are not dangerous. It is more annoying with the itching than it is dangerous. It is extremely rate for anyone to have a serious health problem based on a bedbug bite. Obviously, if you see something or feel something more serious than itching you need to see a doctor.

There are safe, non-toxic powders that will alleviate bedbugs another way is to use bed bags which cover your mattress.

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