Granite Vs. Quartz

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Some of the strong points with quartz is it doesn’t require any routine or intense maintenance to keep it looking well. Quartz also doesn’t need to be sealed every year or two as granite requires.

Quartz can be very helpful when doing counter tops that are complex in shape or size since quartz doesn’t have to be cut and pieced or seamed together as granite does. The appearance of a quartz counter top is more uniform and without apparent seams compared to a granite counter top.

Quartz is also non-porous and is highly chip resistant. Quartz also doesn’t stain as easily as granite can. Quartz is more resistant to bacteria and is available in solid colors. One of the few draw backs with quartz is its much heavier than granite is.

With granite, the pieces for the counter top are cut from a large slab of rock, therefore the need to seam or piece the counter together is required. This can be rather noticeable when doing a more complex and uniquely designed kitchen counter top area.

Granite requires quite a bit of special attention and care since its important for spills to be cleaned up immediately as well as weekly special cleaning and sealing every year or two. Granite is more prone to chipping and breaking as well as being quite porous. Problems with staining can be an issue with granite.

Making the decision with having your counters made from granite or from quartz is really a personal one. One must consider how much they are willing to put into the care and maintenance of the counter tops.

What you do on the counter tops should also be a consideration such as with having young children who will be using the counters to do home work or projects on. Granite might not be the best choice in this case. Granite and quartz make beautiful counter tops and the appearance of the materials isn’t really the issue here but instead with the time you want or don’t want to invest in the counters. Granite and quartz are fairly comparable in price. The determining factor is very much a personal one.


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