Online Credit Dispute Manuals…Scams?

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Online credit dispute manuals are they a scam? Can they really help you clear your credit yourself? Though these manuals aren’t as real as having someone there with years, hopefully, of experience answering your questions. They are a very real tool for credit repair.

Online credit dispute manuals answered many questions I had in regards to credit. Initially when I started I was looking for information on what rights I had when credit companies made mistakes and also when I had made mistakes. I wanted to know if there was anything I could do to remove bad credit that wasn’t a mistake on their behalf. None the less was affecting my ability to do regular everyday thing. Like rent an apartment or get a better job.

Here’s a few key point I learned from a few of the online credit dispute manuals I picked up while I was researching my credit and how to raise it.

First, not all companies that collect from you, can collect from you. They have to be licensed, insured and bonded in most states to collect from you. There’s some states that don’t require them to be licensed in their state to collect. I know this sounds confusing. This is what I mean. The collection company must be licensed, insured and bonded in the state they operate. This is true of many other states where they wish to act as collections agents. That being clear, they must also be licensed, bonded and insured in those other state. But not all of them, find out how your state works and put this one to work for you. Start your search for this information at your Attorney Generals website.

Second, I didn’t know that re-aging the same account with a collection company wasn’t allowed. I’m assuming most consumers don’t know this. After all credit isn’t something we learn much about. You just tend to pick up bits and pieces along the way. Re-aging your debt violates your rights because it damages your credit for longer than it should. Read up on this one. I know its a violation but I sure did find several accounts on my record that were violating my rights.

Last, my dispute letters completely changed when I learned some of the tactics I picked up in one of the online credit dispute manuals. I was sending a generic letter I had copied somewhere on the web. I learned how to make my letter personal and make them feel as much of the damage as I could. I don’t know how much it made them feel my pain but I know this. I have better credit thanks to all I learned. Now I’m working on keeping it that way.

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