Pulling A Project Together Out Of Nothing

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Pulling a project together out of nothing almost seems intimidating to most people, but this article breaks it down in the most generic, short formula that can be used for any project.  First, you want to figure out the concept of the project.  Answer the five W’s:  Where, When, Why, What, and Who. This will help you to place your target audience if you’re in entertainment, journalism, video production or marketing. 

Doing this consists of creating an entire idea in more than one sentence. Metaphorically, each part of your idea acts as a sentence, forming a paragraph, then forming an entire story that has yet to be acted on now and told later.  Organize all of your material in categories and sub categories by creating files for them.  If you remember solving the “Christmas Tree” problem in elementary Arithmetics, you shouldn’t have a problem with this.

Start by creating a major file with the project as the title.  Now, all you need to do is

Create and pull together all content needed for the “Grand Opening”

–          Collect and create your media (pictures, video, press releases, and testimonials in sub folders).  The more original your content is, the better.

–          Search up different software, programs, blogs, or free websites that will serve as a platform for your project and all of its contents’ showcasing.  If they are monetized, all the better.

Devise a few strategies that are effective to brining you traffic and that will create the “buzz” needed to get your project more attention.  Understanding SEO and SEM are very important for this to happen.  Try subscribing to a free newsletter that explains the details of SEO and SEM to tutor yourself until you have mastered it.  The only way to know what works and what doesn’t is to immediately try it. 

Choose a few people you know who are reliable enough to join your venture with you.  As most know and will say, it is very hard to create a hard-hitting project on your own that will hit the ground floor running.  It is always better to have someone who is knowledgeable working with you to make your project the best it can be.  If you are creating and mobilizing your project on your own, it will take three times the effort, but the results will come out the same if you work at it with a sense of dedication.  Remember, knowing what to do is half the battle, but creating a POWERFUL launch is the ultimate for your success.

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