Tips for Finding New Photoshop Brushes and Patterns

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Adobe Photoshop is probably one of the most powerful image-editing software on the market. The possibilities are endless especially with plug-ins and other extras that are downloadable from the Internet. Brushes and patterns are usually the most used tools in image editing, design or manipulation. Finding those brushes and patterns is easy but where can you get the best ones?

Take your Time

Don’t rush to get your project done. Take your time at finding the perfect brushes and patterns that best suit your creative idea. Things that are done in a hurry are usually things that are not very pleasing.


Don’t just go ahead and download everything you see. Find a piece of paper and scribble a quick draft of your idea.


Yes, I said brainstorming. I found myself doing a better job when I use brainstorming. What you should do is while you are thinking of your idea; jot down some one letter words that best describe your idea. For example: sunset, skeleton, dark and death. Then when you are looking for brushes and patterns see which ones best match the words you came up with.


You can find brushes and patterns almost virtually everywhere but you want the best ones (and you can make your own too) to make your image look pleasing to anybody’s eyes.

Those four steps are usually my first steps, and then I go on my favorite websites and start my search.

If you are looking for the best Photoshop brushes then this is the first place to look at. I never had any problems with this site and I always find what I am looking for. You will not find any quickly done brushes and patterns here, just the best ones.

This site is not totally aimed at Photoshop resources, but you can find some wonderful brushes and patterns here. When your project is done you can also post it online for everyone to see and you can also ask for critique so that next time you can do it better.

This site has fewer resources that the above two, but sometimes you can find what you want here. They also offer good tutorials on how to make the best out of your brushes and patterns.

This is a small site but it is growing rapidly. They offer over 750 unique brushes and patterns.

You won’t find a lot here but all the brushes here are high quality brushes. It is worth checking out especially if you are into dark and mysterious art.

Last but not least is disk space. Downloading a lot of brushes and plug-ins will not only slow down the loading time of Photoshop but also eat your hard-drive. So what you can do is download the brushes and patterns and when you see that you are not going to see them anymore, catalogue them and burn them on a disk. That way you can always come back later and find them.

If you want to learn how to make your own brushes, check out this great site Make Your Own Brushes


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