Review: ShoppingList for the iPod Touch

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You can set up the lists to share products and predefined items. This will create an extensive database as you use the program and will make entering items a lot easier.

ShoppingList allows you to keep multiple lists. This is particularly useful if you do your shopping at multiple stores such as Wal-Mart, Target and Kmart. Another plus to the list is you can add a photo to it. Is it a Christmas list? Add a picture of Santa as the icon.

Once your list is created you can start adding items. ShoppingList comes with some pre-defined items such as milk, eggs, etc. You can also add stuff as you go along. Next to the word “Enter:” is a box. Type in the item you want. The Item Details screen will appear. This allows you to add more information about chicken. How many do you need? You also may want to add a category. This is helpful for when you are in the list you can sort all the items by type i.e. meat, household goods, paper goods, hygiene, etc. Got more to enter? Click add another product. If you need to edit an item click the blue arrow next to the item on the list screen.

Once you are done entering your items, go back into your list and you will see that it has been generated. ShoppingList will sort it by category type. On the main screen where the lists are is an icon that is three lines. This is your settings screen where you can change your options. You can increase font size, turn off animation, change the design, etc. You can set the program to auto lock, set the speed from turtle to hare and change the order of your lists.

From here, go to the store and launch the ShoppingList program. As you put each item in your cart, click on the item and it will be marked completed and move to the end of the list. Sending your spouse to the store? Click the envelope at the bottom of the list and email it to them. The program uses standard application practices such as the side swipe to delete.

Final Verdict for ShoppingList: I use this application a lot. It really helps to keep you organized and on top of things. The only real con I have to using this program is the inability to delete categories after they are made. If you accidentally put in “household goods” instead of “household goods” it’s stuck in there. It’s not that big of a deal except its clutter.


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