Review: iStash for the iPod Touch

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This is accomplished by way of a large thermometer with percentages on it. As you save, the “mercury” in the thermometer goes up.

Once you launch the iStash program you will need to create your first savings account. Give it a nickname that is memorable. This could be the name of your bank, your child’s name, what you are saving for, etc. You also want to set your target cost (how much you want to save) and your current balance (how much you’ve already saved).

Once this is information is inputted into iStash, you can go to the basic screen for that savings account. It will have a large thermometer on the right showing your current progress. On the left side it will advise the name of that account, the target cost, the amount saved, the amount remaining and the % of goal achieved.

As you begin to save money, you will want to add it to the iStash program. When that time comes, launch iStash and select the account you want. At the top of the basic screen is a “+” button. You add the funds here. The thermometer will then go up and all the totals will be recalculated.

You can also calculate the length of time it will take to save for your item. This is accomplished by clicking on the “calculate” button and entering the amount you will automatically set aside and the duration of when you will set it aside, i.e. weekly, biweekly or monthly. You can also view your history of all the deposits you have made into the iStash program.

Final verdict on iStash for the iPod Touch: it is a good application for what it does. The thermometer is good visual motivation to achieve your target goal. It is a straightforward, simple program to use. The interface is pleasant to use and it is visually pleasing. All in all I would recommend the program to people who want a simple savings tracker/goal tracker. For those individuals who already, use other financial applications such as iXpenseIt to track all their expenses and accounts, you probably wouldn’t get as much use out of it. It would require a lot of double entering of information.


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