Tips for Designing Cover Art on Your CD

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Whether you want to promote your CD or impress your friends, cover art on a CD is the first thing that catches the eye. How many times where you in a music shop and totally ignored a CD that had bad cover art? The music might have been good but because of the design you chose to ignore it. So here are a few tips so that you can avoid this happening to you.


Always try to match your cover art with the genre of the music. If you are promoting punk rock don’t put a rainbow with a few ponies on your cover because chances are that people that are into punk rock are going to ignore that CD.

Image Selection

Make sure you pick out a lot of images and then choose carefully. Better to have a lot to choose from then being stuck with a few images that don’t work.

Don’t be Cheap

If you want the best images, then don’t use the ones you can find online for free. Join a couple of great stock sites like or and buy your images there.

Be Original

Think outside the box and don’t do what other people did before you. Try to expand your creativity and do something that we have never seen before so that people will be amazed and can see your level of professionalism.

Know What People Want

Try to figure out what is the latest trend and what pleases people most. Don’t be too generic because you want to attract different kinds of people.

Make it Pop

Yes, don’t be scared of using colors. Remember that it is colors that make an image eye catching.

Keep it Simple

Don’t overload your cover with a lot of images otherwise you will lose direction and people will not understand what you are trying to say. Keep it nice and simple and straight to the point

Good Design

Most designers use Photoshop and if you don’t know how to use it to create stunning designs then find someone who can. If you can’t use Photoshop, don’t even try doing the cover yourself because it will show. You can find great designers on sites like who are willing to do a CD cover for a few bucks.

Good Printing

There are some good home printers that are able to print on CDs these days, but professional silk screen printing is much better and if you want to impress then go to someone who really knows what silkscreen printing is.

Proof a Lot

Last but not least, proof what you are doing several times, even if that means looking at your project a million times a day. You will always find something wrong in it and keep doing it until your cover is perfect and ready to be distributed.

Some more helpful tips can be found on these sites:


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