Review: Notebooks for the iPod Touch

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A basic overview of the program is that it allows you to create “books” and in those books you can create “notes”. It’s a very similar concept to the idea of creating folders and documents in those folders.

Each book can have some of the following characteristics. If the book is “unlocked” it will appear as gray, red, or black. Books that are showing as grayed out indicate that book is currently empty. Books that are showing as red indicate that the book is currently pass code protected. Books that are showing black indicate that the book has something inside it. One characteristic of Notebooks is that if you lock the program, which is done by clicking on the button that looks like a lock, all pass code protected books will be hidden from view.

Once you have created a book, you can press on it to open it up. Inside you have the option of creating another book or creating a note. Notebooks will turn to landscape mode for easier typing on the note itself. You can move between notes by swiping left and right. Notebooks also supports the pinch method of zooming. To delete a book or note simply swipe on it and the delete button will appear.

In the settings menu, you can modify the appearance of your text by changing the font and setting up custom colors. You can also enable clickable links for email.

The program also supports a search function allowing you to search for a phrase and pull up all documents that include that phrase. The downside to this function is it is limited to the book you are currently in. Once the search has been completed all instances of the search phrase will be highlighted in the text.

Notebooks supports importing of other documents as well. Notebooks supports plain text, HTML, PDF, images, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Apple iWork 09. One of the easiest ways to import and export documents to this program is by using the program SyncDocs. Notebooks will also sync to WebDav. You are given the option in the settings menu to print with WePrint and you can enable TextExpander.

I’ve discovered that Notebooks is a fabulous program to use to write on your iPod. I would recommend typing in Landscape Mode as Portrait Mode makes the keyboard smaller.


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