Planning Your Web Design

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There are a lot of different reasons to have a website; blogging, selling a product, establishing yourself as an expert in a topic, or just for the fun of it. Before you do anything regarding your website, you want to do some pre-planning. Pre-planning is a very important step in any computer creations; databases, website, tables, etc. You also want to do some research on the various tools that are available to you as the webmaster.

Get out a piece of paper and go through the following questions:

The first thing you need to decide is why you want a website. What is your motivation behind this site? Do you have a product to sell? Do you write articles and want another place to showcase them? Do you want to start a blog?

The next thing (or may go hand in hand with first step) is what is the main topic of your website. This is important to know for a few reasons. You will want a topic that has the potential for a lot of traffic. You will also want to establish what your keywords are. Jot down what your keywords are going to be. Keywords are important to search engines for indexing your website. Also, if you want to use Google AdSense you need keywords to generate relevant ads. You can use Google Trends to find out what it is that people are looking up.

Think up a domain & title. Make it specific to your topic. Think of a couple different domain options in case the one you want is already taken.

Next, decide the navigational structure of your page. This would be deciding what pages you are going to have and their hierarchy. Typically websites will have at least a contact page, about page, home page and sitemap.

There are some additional resources you may want to consider for marketing your website. Google is your friend in this department. Use tools such as Google Trends to come up with keywords. Google Analytics will track traffic on your website as well as what pages are getting the most hits. Google Webmaster Tools will help to get your website indexed as well as track keywords, traffic, etc. You will need a sitemap to get your site indexed through Webmaster Tools. Google AdSense is a good product to use if you are hoping to generate revenue off your website. It’s important to have a keyword rich website to make Google AdSense generate topic relevant ads.

From here, you’ll want to register a domain and find a product to use to design your website. You can use a website such as Weebly. They have a free web design. You will have to pay for more advanced features such as password protection.


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