Autoresponders: The Internet Marketer’s Most Valuable Tool

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List Building is a very important aspect of Internet Marketing. As you know, List Building has made fortunes for the Top Online Producers. It require lots of patience and persistence, but if you keep your focus and you are using all the right tools, it will be attainable.

The most important tool in List Building is the Email Autoresponder System. The Autoresponder will enable you to keep in touch with your prospects or subscribers automatically. All you have to do is to load your Autoresponder with a series of messages that you have total control of. Everytime somebody subscribes to your List, they will automatically receive the series of messages at an interval that you can control. Besides having the series of messages, most autoresponders will also allow you to send Broadcast or Information that you want all your subscribers to know right away. In other words, an Autoresponder is like your private secretary working for you and doing all the follow up for you 24/7.

Most Autoresponders will cost between $10-$30 a month depending on how many Lists you need and how much subscribers it  can handle. For starters, we also have some FREE Autoresponders. To learn more about FREE Autoresponders, check out the Profiles of  Authors here in Bukisa, especially those with Internet Marketing Coach & Mentors on their profiles.  They might be able to suggest to you some FREE Autoresponders.

Suggestions For Effective Autoresponder Messages:

1. Avoid too much hype in your messages. Too much in your messages will annoy your subscribers and will cause them to opt out of your List. When writing your messages, focus on helping your subscribers instead. By helping them, you will build trust and therefore will have better chance of joining you in your Business.

2. Avoid sending messages daily. Bombarding your subscribers with too much messages isn’t a good idea. Besides annoying your subscribers with daily messages, this will not be good for you because you will ran out of messages. Let’s say you have 30 messages to be sent to your subscribers. By Sending them messages daily, you will ran out of message in a month, but if you send them every 3 days, it will be good for 3 months. Besides, they could never read your messages daily and there are days that they don’t even open their email at all.

3. Address them with their first names. It gives your subscribers a feeling of being important and respected. It also builds a better relation and trust with your subscribers.

4. Put a Signature File at the End of each message. Your signature file will be a link to a page on your website which could help them or if you have a training site, you could link your signature file to your training site or page.

5. Use the Magic words (FREE, Get Paid, Proven, Easiest, etc.) in the subject line of your messages. Your messages will have better chances to be opened when they contain the Powerful Magic Words.

Tips to Increase Your List Subscribers:

1. A good Lead Capture Page. Any Autoresponder will need a good Lead Capture page to generate Sign ups. No matter how good your autoresponder is, it could never build your list without a good Lead Capture Page. If your site looks boring, people would never bother to stay.

2. Offer A FREE Course for your Subscribers. Outline your expertise and offer to help your subscribers to succeed. Instead of peaching your Affiliate Programs, like what most people do, focus on helping them without promoting any Affiliate Program.

3. Givaway FREE Bonus Gifts. This works in every business, online or offline, because people just love something that’s FREE all the time. Everytime a local department store gives away something for FREE, some people would even fight for their line to get their FREE gifts. So, it’s the same online too, whenever you are giving away FREE Gifts, you will greatly increase your signups.

Thanks for reading my article. I hope this will benefit you.


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