Baby Supplies: A Guide to Disposable Diapers

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Diapers come in a wide variety of options and sizes these days. There is the obvious difference between disposable and cloth diapers. This guide will break down disposable diapers for you.

Diapers such as newborn swaddlers provide a cutout in the front for the umbilical cord. This means the diaper won’t rub up against the umbilical cord causing it to fall off prematurely. If you don’t want to purchase these types of diapers, you can either cut out your own tab or you can fold the diaper down after securing it.

Regular disposable diapers are fairly familiar to anyone who has been around a child. They come up through the legs and are secured by tabs on the sides. Generally they will have some form of design on them from sesame street characters to designs.

Pull-ups are diapers that your child wears when learning to potty train. They give the impression of underwear however are absorbent to prevent leaks in the event of an accident. The advantage to disposable diapers is that some will have indicators when the diaper has been used. This means on some an image will appear if the diaper is urinated in. Others will provide a cold sensation to your child to let them know they are having an accident and to get to the bathroom immediately. You can tear the sides of a pull up to get it off easy.

When it comes to diapers, sizing is very important. A lot of new parents will stock up on diapers prior to the baby’s arrival. It’s important to pay attention to the sizes you are buying. Diaper sizes are dependent on weight. This means that a newborn diaper generally will fit up to an 8-9 lb baby. This means if your baby was born at 8-9 lbs then you won’t get much use out of newborn sizes and will end up with a lot of left over diapers. Make sure to purchase a lot of size ones as these will be used for a few months.

Also, you will want to consider the value of generic vs. brand name. In some instances, the phrase “you get what you pay for” does apply. Some diapers have leaking problems. You may have to try different brands of diapers (both name brand and generic) to find one that fits your budget and needs. Brand name isn’t always best but don’t rule it out as an option.

One more tip to give you is to look for coupons. You will spend a lot of money over the course of your baby’s first years on diapers. Sign up on the website of your diaper company of preference and they will send you special offers and coupons.


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