Final Fantasy XIII Combat Guide

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Having trouble brining PSIcom to their knees? Ferocious wildlife tearing apart your party? If you’re having some issues with Final Fantasy XIII’s combat, you’ve come to the right place! Here you will learn all the basics of combat such as how to use the ATB system, combat chains and staggering, paradigms and how loot works. We will then put all this together in the master class and look at how to use these systems to get the post possible score in any given fight.

Part 01- The basics.

Start here. This will improve your understanding of Final Fantasy XIII’s ATB system, and ensure you can develop tactics that will make sure you use your time effectively.

Part 02- Chains and staggering.

The most important mechanic when it comes to boss fights, and vital for getting  star ratings on battles. Learn how to make sure all your enemies feel the pain in this section of the combat guide!

Part 03- Paradigms and roles.

How do different roles work together? How do you identify which paradigms to use in different situations? Final Fantasy XIII’s party system is a very interesting feature, and it is explored in more detail here.

Part 04- I can haz loot?

How do you get Shrouds? How do you get rare drops? It’s all linked to how well you did in your battles, as this chapter explains.

Part 05- Master class.

You’ve got the ATB down to a T. You can stagger an enemy at will. You switch paradigms like The Stig switches lanes. Now it’s time to put it all together and buy a ticket to the five star express!

Part 06- Eidolons

Learn how to use the devestating Eidolons, The summon monsters of Final Fantasy XIII!

Crystarum guide.

How to enhance your characters with your hard earned CP!


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