Sail Away

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I close my eyes; it’s so peaceful and quiet.
I’m in a little blue boat with a mast and a sail of pure white.
And at the rear a cosy seat to lay back on, so I can look up at the sky,
And watch the little white clouds as they roll by.

I pull up the anchor and sail slowly and quietly into the distance.
It cuts slowly through the green and blue water without resistance.
The only sound is the little waves licking up against my little blue boat.
I need no engine, I’m in no rush, I want to lay here in the quiet and float.

I see the gulls circling in the blue sky above me.
I think that they’ll play a while, then find food for their family.
Then off to the ledge on the cliffs they will fly, what have they brought?
They feed their young family, with fish they have caught.

As I lay there without a care in the world, a very quiet sound breaks the silence.
The only other thing I can see is another little boat in the distance.
This little boat is red with a mast of silver, and its occupant peacefully resting.
Is this heaven that I’ve found, in this beautiful, relaxing, serene location?

As the red boat floats by, what I notice, is that they are in the same situation.
Finding there own time for peace tranquility and relaxation.
The little boat has gone now to a place in their Imagination.
Where they will find more quiet time for calm, peace and meditation.

I feel right now I’m on the edge of imagination and heaven.
Its were everything bad, negative and sad are all gone.
I hope some day you’ll find a way to come here too.
Or on the next trip my darling I’ll bring you.

I must sail back now to my own reality, but I’ll be back some day.
I can come here any time. Because my imagination is not very far away.


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