Final Fantasy XIII Gapra Whitewood Boss Battle walkthrough- Aster Protoflorian

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Probably the first tricky boss in Final Fantasy XIII, the Aster Protoflorian has a massive stash of hit points, can change its elemental state and deals massive damage to anyone careless enough to underestimate it. And to cap it off, you only have two party members for this Boss battle- Hope and Lightning.

Here’s the best way to do it.

  • Stock up on potions before the battle, as they will help you avoid wasting time switching between paradigms when you could be harming the boss (very important once you stagger the Aster Protoflorian).
  • Once in battle use a full defensive paradigm to set up your buffs (ensure you have hope as a synergist). The Protoflorian boss hits like a tonne of bricks, so it’s vital to have these in place. If you take damage, use a potion to keep your HP up.
  • Next switch to a healing stance as you need to gather intel on the boss. The Protoflorian can change its form as the battle progresses, absorbing some elements and becoming weak to others. You can spot this by the colour the boss, as well as the icon in its health bar.
  • Use Libra whenever you notice it change to ensure your AI controlled party member attacks with the correct element (see the combat master class for why this is important). Remember, you only need to use libra once per form.
  • When you go on the offensive, use the slash and burn paradigm to begin combat. Your goal here is to fill the chain gauge, as this boss has so many hit point you will never chew threw them all otherwise.
  • Rely on potions for healing while the chain gauge is still low, but once its past half way, you can conserve your supplies and switch to healing paradigms instead. Keep a close eye on that chain gauge though- it takes ages to fill and you don’t want to have to start again!
  • Once you’ve staggered the Aster Protoflorian, use launch to keep him helpless. Double casting is also good racking up damage, but it all depends how safe you want to play this. Use potions to heal to maintain your DPS.
  • You will probably need to stagger this boss twice before you win the battle.

Closing pointers:

  • Keep your health up. The Aster Protoflorian has some very nasty AOE’s and one very powerful single attack. Keep everyone in the green if you can, but if it’s harming your DPS to do so, settle for the high yellows.
  • The boss gets more aggressive after the combat wears his HP down to about half.
  • Switch back to support paradigms whenever you lose protect and shell.
  • Libra! Dear God Libra!

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