You Don’t Look Well

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My body and mind is busy all the time.
I try so hard but things don’t fit into line.
Must squash in a chemist run,
To get the pills to kill her pain, good another job done,

I must pick up the kids before I go to see her.
Don’t forget the uniforms for the kids to wear.
They need a sandwich, there’s no time to stop.
Not even time to get to call at the shop.
Now don’t forget to wash those clothes,
And pick up the biscuits that she has chose

They’re the only ones that she can eat.
Come on girl “get it right.”
Must press on, I feel a bit rotten, but never mind,
Must pick up the tags, sewn on by a friend, that’s kind.

There’s shopping and house work, I’m sure I’ll fit that in tomorrow.
It would be great if there was another day I could borrow.
Don’t forget, pots, hoover, shopping, prescription, oh and homework.
I’m feeling really tired, never mind, no time to shirk.

I’ll do those pots while I wait for the nurse.
And I’ll pop to the shop, where did I put my purse?
That nice nurse comes, she comes most days.
The days in the week are becoming a haze.

Is she talking to mum or me, I can’t tell,
“Jane are you alright? You don’t look well.”
That stops me dead, I wasn’t thinking of me.
Now you mention it I do feel ill, that, she could see.

Maybe I’ll visit the doctor next Thursday.
I think I can fit it in on the morning, it’s the only way.
A comment from the nurse, “try and make time tomorrow”
On reflection she was right; I had a bad chest infection

The doctor says that I’m not well and should rest,
With my headache, and painful chest.
He knows I’m a carer, I won’t be stopping,
Too much to do: kids, caring, housework and shopping.

You health professionals look after her so well, that’s plain to see.
But I was just so glad that nurse noticed ME


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